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Double Header Weekend
November 14-15

Save on Verragio Rings and Lab Grown Diamonds

Verragio is coming to town with their entire collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. At the same time, we will showcase a mind-blowing selection of Mervis Lab Grown diamonds.
If you’re looking for that perfect diamond engagement ring, now is the time to jump on it. Receive a cash back gift of up to $500 with purchase or enjoy zero percent financing until January 2022.
Enjoy unbelievable savings on Mervis Lab Grown diamonds and Verragio hand crafted, one-of-a-kind rings!

Mervis has curated an unprecedented selection of Lab Grown diamonds, which exhibit the same qualities, brilliance, and sparkle as natural mined diamonds. With Lab Grown diamonds, you get a much larger diamond for the same price. It’s great value.

*Because of health restrictions and crowd control, we strongly recommend you make an appointment.

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